How Turkana Oil is Another big Scandal in Uhuru Kenyatta's
President Uhuru Kenyatta with Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok

Oil Exploration and Corruption. No coincidences. Just Collusion. That is what the oil deal is about in the county of Turkana in Kenya. Opportunism or corruption? You decide.

I offer some background to the oil transport project and why Tullow Oil does not care about spending $15 million on oil transportation. Tullow will recover the $15 million as operational and petroleum costs as per the production sharing agreement with the Kenyan government. Those involved with corruption or opportunism have jumped on the bandwagon to benefit from this oil transport, and most of them are linked to the government and Tullow Oil.

The background. During the period 2008 to 2011 oil explorers Lundin and Africa Oil were established in Turkana Kenya through the facilitation of the National Oil Company of Kenya.

At the token head of these exploration companies Lundin and Africa Oil was one Martin Mbogo (now head of Tullow Oil Kenya). Also, the head of the National Oil company responsible for the facilitation of the Turkana exploration was Mwendia Nyaga. These two men had exclusive and full privy to all the oil exploration plans and joint ventures from February 2011 onwards.

In 2011 Martin Mbogo was appointed head of Tullow Oil in Kenya and Mwendia Nyaga resigned from NOCK to consult to the Kenyan Ministry of Energy on all energy matters and to facilitate the Tullow/Africa Oil exploration activities in Turkana.
Martin Mbogo’s wife MaryJane Mwangi is now of course the CEO and Managing Director of The National Oil Company.
In July 2011 Mwendia Nyaga set up a company called Oil and Energy Services Limited which was later part sponsored by the World Bank and Africa Oil with the objective of “capacity building” partners, officials and communities on oil issues.

On March 26, 2012 oil was discovered by Tullow in Turkana. This immediately presented huge opportunities for local investors and service companies to benefit through their services.

On May 29, 2012 – only sixty days later after the oil discovery – Mwendia Nyaga set up an offshore company for tax evasion purposes and financial gain called Abantu Oil and Gas Limited. This was done through Chamberlain Heritage Services and facilitated by one Bruce McNaught who was made a director of Abantu Oil. McNaught’s job as a hedge fund manager was to use the money paid into Abantu to be gambled with at high risks and high fees. The rewards were then channelled into a trust to avoid tax.

In October 2012 – three months later after the establishment of Abantu Oil and Gas Ltd – Mwendia Nyaga set up OilField Movers Limited to supply oil field logistics, personnel and transport to Africa Oil and Tullow. To date OilField Movers has billed Tullow millions of dollars for services offered.

Bruce McNaught was made a director of Oilfield Movers to assist with the management of the new-found income.
The operation of Abantu Oil and Gas with Mwendia Nyaga as director and shareholder was revealed in the Panama Papers. Associated with this discovery by Panama were the links to Oilfield Movers and Oil and Energy Services.
OilField Movers have continued to provide services to Tullow along with their partner company ROLLS (Royal Oilfield Logistics, Services & Supplies).

Oilfield Movers are one of three firms who will over a three-year period transport transport over two million barrels of oil from Lokichar via road with the three year contracts valued at an estimated 1.5 billion shillings.
So – now you can see what the rush is about to move oil from Turkana to Mombassa. It is all about some fat cats wanting their share of the oil transport business. Fat Cats with inside information.

By Dennis Morton