How Uhuru is using CORRUPTION and RAILA to get Rid of

President Uhuru is acting fake, Raila is acting cheap, if war against corruption is going to be ran on PR platform we better watch world cup in peace, the whole music is lacking in genuine course but full of political witch hunt,

The name Kidikibudi ain’t just a name, in English it means stone can’t be soaked, may be in a strong solution like acid, that’s the background of my boldness when it comes to speaking the truth and stating facts as it is. Otherwise my name is Omondi George Olumwa Kidikibudi I have 3 things to say:


This handshake is hollowness and just but drama as Shakespeare puts it, “the world is a stage and we are all but actors”, Raila is acting in a play written in statehouse by Mt Kenya mandarins to fix and eliminate DP Ruto and the Corruption narrative, the Life audit chorus and the sugar game is just but scenes in the play whose main actor is the president himself


A closer look at the play unfolds is a trail of elements of close DP associates being done, I would be comfortable if it was done in platform of fairness say capturing tall the sectors including the SGR, the Mollases issue, the grabbed lands, etc, but as it is its selective and tailor made to target the aspiring president of Kenya, total bullshit


Is this not the same Ruto that helped Raila ascend to position of prime minister?. Is this not the same Ruto who helped Raila ascend to position of president?. Then he was good but now he is corrupt. He is land grabber. He is petrol dealer, he is Kenya power con, he is sugar dealer,

Speaking of which this sugar issue is just a stage managed political theatric to adjust the heat that was getting lost in eliminate Ruto game plan that was now running out of fuel, ad one Global Academia, Chemical Engineer Dr Mwabe asserts, ” where does mercury come from in the sugar refining process? Some of these reports are KEBS hogwash.

Sometimes politicians (Uhuru and Raila) in their business wars bring in state bodies like KEBS to give some scientific evidence to nonsense, KEBS should be challenged to make public the mercury testing protocol used by its lab and whether such protocol is applicable to sugar”

He adds ” the Minimum Residue Limits. I guess these mrl tests are subject to stringent protocols and procedures. If KEBS is to be believable they should just publish them for the publics right to know, Relating MRLs to crop spray etc makes sense for non processed agriculturals. For sugar the issues of spraying sugar in late pre-harvest days is none existent. But even so after you harvest sugarcane or beetroot it undergoes a mechanical chemical processing that i don’t believe trace mercury contamination has ever been published. I expect our MRL testing capability is likely to come from KEPHIS than KEBS. What i am trying to say is i am not convinced KEBS can successfully be used to sustain prosecution on mercury levels on food

He concludes that ” Mercury is a very interesting metal and it should not be used as a scarecrow especially in the sugar making process. Yes in gold mining in cosmetics and beauty care products but not in sugar making. The sources of sugar is very safe from mercury It is like saying there are elephants coming out of that sugar. One must give evidence as to how elephants are conceived and born and packed inside the sugar making process. Irrigation water contaminated with mercury is a very interesting maybe, The Govt agency involved just add insult to injury. I must declare i did not import that sugar. But if i was Matiangi trying to fix a sugar importer using mercury approach is scare mongering and not based on scientific published knowledge of mercury contamination in food chains. Kephis have some very good equipments but lets not proceed beyond that point. i rest my case”. ~ Dr Phillip Mwabe Ogwari

Ruto is being fixed by Sons of Jomo Kenyatta, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, and Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, not because he is the only one corrupt but he is son of nobody and the son of somebody must sit on the seat

It will be Gedion son of Moi to Jomo son of Uhuru Kenyatta and back to Raila’s Grandson.. Meanwhile Winney Odinga is being fixed in the equation. Am disappointed in Raila whom I have supported since birth, how can he accept to be used by Uhuru like a political condom?.

By Omondi George Olumwa Kidikibudi