By Eliud Onyango

I hear people talk much a bout dialogue, the question I ask is Kenyans should dialogue about what.

Kenyas electoral fraud is a cancer which has been norished by the kikuyus right from 2003, when one of their own Kibaki ascended to presidency. First they kikuyunized security agencies like NIS, Police and a few but critical from military, these then formed a special electoral college which hands presidency to one of their own as has happened in 2007, 2013 and what precipitated current stand off.

The genesis of these actions is some stupid reasoning among the kikuyu that they cannot allow some people to lead or rule or be elected presidents of Kenya. This has even been more compelling among the kikuyu elite not to allow Hon. Raila to ascend to presidency. This they have been saying loudly both in main stream media and social media platforms.

So to actualize these stupid, uncultured and uncivilized reasoning among kikuyu elites, they have used security agencies like NIS and police which are properly kikuyunized to hold IEBC hostage. This then allowed them to preditermine the presidential election result in each election.

Now you hear them (kikuyu) elite club everywhere telling you that they want Kenyans to dialogue but only after the despot is sworn in as a result of 26th October ritual which involved kikuyus and kalenjins only.

The only dialogue which can help Kenya move forward, is one which first will remove the barbaric and stupid reasoning that presidency is the birth right of kikuyus. That is where the devil lies. If that is not done even if Kenya changes IEBC officials a million times, nothing will change. Kikuyus must be sensitized to let go the backward reasoning of self entittlement to presidency, so they can stop holding IEBC officials hostage through security agents and allow IEBC officials work independently.

That is the dialogue which can move Kenya forward in terms of electoral justice.


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