Miguna, Dubai-Kenyalivenews.com
Miguna Miguna at Dubai International Airport.

I understand that someone is spreading a malicious rumour that I am “headed to Canada right now.”


I’m at the Dubai International Airport, waiting for the Kenyan judiciary to ENFORCE and EXECUTE their numerous orders in my favour.

This is a golden opportunity for the Kenyan judiciary to demonstrate its commitment to its independence, its authority, the rule of law and the principles of constitutionalism.

Judicial actions that fail to bring those in defiance of court orders to account undermine and subvert the judiciary, rule of law and democracy.

The High Court has ordered several rogue state agents to deliver a valid Kenyan passport to me; facilitate my return to Kenya; release me from illegal detention; and to respect my rights.

Each order has been flagrantly disobeyed by those directed to obey them.

This is the time to end this obnoxious culture of impunity by the usurpers of power.

Dr. Miguna Miguna
Dubai International Airport
March 30, 2018