Controversial Self proclaimed General of the now defunct National Resistance Movement Miguna Miguna is back again with what he knows best, writing negative books on the person of Raila Odinga after fallout so as to make a living.

On November 18th 2018, the exiled Miguna announced that he had written a 450 paged book on the intrigues following his journey jumping from voting for Uhuru on August 2017 then moving to NASA and later on standing alone criticizing and insulting Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

TREASON: The Case Against Tyrants & Renegades, 2018, 450 pages, hardback. Publication date: December 20, 2018. Information about Pre-Publication orders will be provided in due course” Miguna said

Early today,Monday 26th 2018, he announced that the books are now ready for sale and willing readers may purchase at a link he provided on twitter.

This is not the first time Miguna is writing a negative book on Raila Odinga. In 2012, he wrote the infamous “Peeling Back the mask” after falling out with Raila at the time. However, the book brought him loses as some of his close friends leaked out the entire book in PDF and shared online.

Fast forward 2018, Miguna Miguna, a man known for believing what he says is final again fell out with Raila Odinga after the NASA leader had the historic handshake with president Uhuru Kenyatta on March 9th 2018. And as it was rightly predicated or rather expected, Miguna didn’t disappoint, he has written another book with Raila’s image on the cover hoping this time he will make some money out of it to recover the losses he incurred when writing “peeling back the mask” and also use the proceeds to pay rent in Canada.