By J.M Kariuki

NASA online soldiers are doing superb job. We’ve managed to send jubilee bloggers home just like Miguna Miguna has succeeded in deconstructing Jubilee political analysts and politicians in television debates. Surely NASA is a gold mine of brains, tyranny of brains.

Today I want to remind NASA people from Luhya nation, Kamba nation and the coast nation that do not be deceived that the struggle is for Luos against Kikuyus. No, if at all Kambas , Luhyas or Coastarian have a dream of ever ascending to power,then its now they should put all their weight behind NASA.

Do Kamba want Kalonzo to beg the Mount Kenya to make him president? Do Luhyas want Mudavadi or Weta to bow before Mama Ngina for them to be made president? Do the coast people want to undergo such predicament?

The answer is NO.Therefore, let’s fight for reforms because next time one of your own will be rigged out.


FIRST, All Kenyans are aware that Nakumatt was one of the largest employer in Kenya. In US, a company that has the capacity to employ more than 100 people is always a great concern to the government. The government of US bails out such companies to protect the employees from being rendered jobless.

Uhuru can bail coffee farmers from his village every year but saw no need to bail out Nakumatt which employed so many Kenyans. JUBILEE SHOULD STOP PRETENDING THAT BOYCOTT WILL DENY KENYANS EMPLOYMENT AS IF THEY CARE. WHY COULDN’T THE GOVERNMENT BAIL OUT NAKUMATT?

SECOND, Uhuru closed several NGOs. These NGOs were our employers. Did Uhuru stop to think about a hundreds of Kenyans that found themselves jobless?

THIRD, the ban on plastic bags. The plastic bags employed Kenyans as distributors and in the manufacturing sector. Did Uhuru thought of these people before implementing the ban?

FOURTH, is Uhuru fair to Kenyans? Are the Kikuyus the only people who can be appointed as COUNTY COMMISSIONERS?

FIFTH, some of the companies associated with Uhuru’s tribe are perpetuating tribalism with impunity like EQUITY BANK. Equity branch in Luhya and Kamba land have impunity of having 90% of their employees being Kikuyus. This trend extends to the coast region. Other tribes are just costumers. To be frank, NASA should have listed this EQUITY BANK AS PART OF BOYCOTT.

LASTLY, Jubilee has numbers so why complain. Let their numbers be their customers or are they saying Kenyans do not trust them?


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