Thousands of transiting passengers of thenloss-making Kenya Airways at JKI Airport continue to be booked overnight everyday at Weston Hotel along Nairobi’s which is owned by Deputy President William Ruto.

Kenyan Live News independently established that KQ’s return to profitability remains highly compromised by high ranking government officials like the Deputy President who retain vested interest in auxiliary services offered by the airline.

Almost all of KQ’s frequently delayed or cancelled flights are attributed to technical hitches arising out of a dubious staff go-slows resulting in serious backlogs in maintenance. These delays inevitably forces the airline to book its passengers to hotels in Nairobi as it sorts out flight glitches.

Kenya Live News further established that high ranking government officials control the bulk of KQ’s supply chain, including that of procurement of high-priority inputs such fuel and lubricants, critical spare part and components all of which are being forcibly sold to the airline at above market prices.

Having manipulated the KQ board which is Chaired by ex-Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph, politicians are literally feasting on KQ cash flow through unorthodox business deals.

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On flight delays and cancellations, the most affected routes which are impacting thousands of passengers every night are those emanating from KQ’s most profitable routes for transit passengers such as West Africa, Kigali, Kampala, Johannesburg and Dubai.

The Joseph-led Board of KQ remains aloof and beholder to the powers-that be, always ready to execute management changes for those who attempt to improve efficiency or eliminate incumberances that politicians profiteer from.

Recently, a KQ passenger, one Adrian Blomfield who is the African correspondent for UK’s Telegraph newspaper, claims to have been offloaded by KQ, which transferred him and other Kigali bound passengers at Weston hotel which is owned by DP Ruto.

With the Deputy President trading directly with state-owned carrier Kenya Airways which recently won rights to make direct flights to USA, serious questions relating to integrity and conflict of interest have been raised.

The Kenyan tax payer through the National Treasury owns 29.8 per cent of KQ while KLM has a 26.7 per cent stake.

Weston Hotel, developed on a grabbed plot by DP Ruto under a cloud of controversy, is a four star classic, luxurious hotel with 120 rooms comprising various standards of rooms. The cheapest standard room goes for USD130 while superior suites go for USD300 per person per night.

Assuming 100 passengers are booked by KQ at Weston each night on an average USD150, it means Ruto nets an average gross revenue of USD450,000 per month or a whopping Sh540 million from Kenya Airways each year.

Last week, Kenya Airways has made public its performance for the six month period ended 30th June 2018 in which it made a loss of Sh4.035 billion shillings! KQ has reported net losses for five consecutive years that Jubilee has been in power.

To make matters worse, while the Deputy President is laughing all the way to the bank, Kenyan tax payer money is used by the same government DP Ruto serves to facilitate a Sh77.3 billion ($750 million) loan guarantee to the loss making airline, money which eventually finds it way to DP Ruto’s bank accounts through Weston.