How Mount Kenya Mafia suffocated the economic development of other regions;

By Kenya Live News Reporter.

As shocked Mount Kenya Mafia  (MKM) comes to terms with the just announced progressive economic boycott of targeted products and businesses by NASA leaders, one cannot help but notice the hypocrisy of selfish Mt Kenya elites in Jubilee who own almost 90% of the country’s capital now starting to panic and  throwing tantrums about the move.

The Mt Kenya elites are historically known for consolidating state power and using it to accumulate illicit wealth, suppress dissent and often commit murder of those it perceives as threats to status quo without blinking an eye!

As NASA now target their weak points, elites and their sycophants conveniently forget with selective amnesia that an orphaned child is always more determined, keener in life and sees more than the child of privilege.

Minority Mt Kenya elites think the majority NASA supporters don’t have eyes to see how many of the products from NASA areas they have boycotted since power and privilege found their way into their homes.

Are they aware that the sugar industries in western,nyanza and coast – directly supporting livelihoods of more than ten million Kenyans –  were all collapsed because their businessmen in Nairobi decided to get us out of the market so as to import cheap sugar while positioning themselves to privatise and buy these industries on the cheap!?

The pretentious Mt Kenya mafia along with some selfish collaborators from Rift Valkey remain blind to the fact that the once prosperous cotton farming in Ukambani, Coast and Nyanza was systematically suffocated and rendered in viable due of unregulated, duty free, mass importation of second hand clothing into the region?

Perhaps the most annoying has been the adoption of selective policy on rice farming using state owned National Irrigation Board  where farmers in Coast and Nyanza were for decades starved of government interventions and subsidies while their counterparts in Mwea in the Mount Kenya region enjoyed state protection and we’re aided in modern farming methods and marketing? If in doubt compare and contrast development levels and economic state of Ahero in Kisumu and Mwea in Kirinyanga.

While substantial budget and resources are availed to Ministry of Tourism each year, it is almost tragic that the government and it’s agencies such as KWS, KTB, TAK  spends almost nothing to support development and marketing of the virgin and unexploited Western Kenya tourism circuit?

Do they know that hyacinth and even Nile Perch are alien things to Lake Victoria that were introduced by the Moi and Kenyatta regimes to suffocate marine transport and collapse commercial tilapia fishing? Even as Jubilee issues import permits to cloned Tilapia from China, why is it that there are more government-built fish processing plants in Central region which has no lake than in Nyanza which hosts the world’s second largest fresh water lake?

Do the Mount Kenya and Kalenjin Mafia know that even recently a proposed inland container handling terminal at Voi  – a subsidiary project of the Standard gauge railway mooted by Raila Odinga-  was moved to Naivasha and located within the private farm of President Uhuru Kenyatta?

Do they know that every year the government writes off the debts of coffee farmers and sneers at struggling sugarcane farmers burdened by loans from past corrupt regimes?

Do they know that Panpaper Mills, once the biggest employer in Western Kenya, was deliberately collapsed and sold to politically correct elites for a paltry Ksh900million against its real value of Ksh15 billion? That as an asset of the people of Western Pan paper Mills is now in the hands of outsiders who are known importers of paper products from the far East?

Do they know the government has been paying more in dividends on cash crops such as tea to regime supporters than to others in Western region? That tea bonus is heavily skewed in favour of poor quality tea emanating from Mt. Kenya region.

Do they know as recently as this year this very regime conspired with Chinese to start importing fish so as to kill the livelihood of people in Western Kenya?

Do they know that Seven Forks dams are all in Ukambani which to date, has the least network of water and electricity?

They don’t know because they are children of privilege and so the rest of us who are orphans have been observing and biding our time.

We had hoped we too could be allowed to hold power if we managed to organize ourselves but no and behold, we were told Ng’ooooo!

So if addressing injustice calls for economic collapse, then economic collapse it shall be! #RESIST


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