Keter asks the government to audit all stalled projects in Rift Valley,Insists those who take Kickbacks must be

Firebrand Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter has asked government to audit all stalled projects in Rift Valley in the spirit of fighting corruption.

Keter who spoke in Parliament defended the Director of Criminal investigations George Kinoti who has been under attack from Rift Valley politicians who say he is out to fight deputy president William Ruto over the war on corruption.

Keter invited the DCI to investigate several projects in the Rift Valley region which have stalled because of Kickbacks paid to leaders in high offices.

” Most projects in Rift Valley have stalled because contracts were awarded but contractors paid kickbacks to people in high offices , they should be investigated” Keter said.

Keter also defended President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila Odinga saying the handshake has brought unity in the country making it easy to fight corruption which has been a thorn in the flesh of Kenyans.

He wondered why some people were raising Political temperatures in the country yet they had promised to support the war on Corruption before.