Kiambu County,Locals,


I applaud the members of the county assembly of Kiambu for passing a motion compelling all companies, parastatals, NGOs and any other employing venture to ensure that 70% of the employees are Kikuyus. This should be the trend for all other counties except Nairobi.

Earlier this week,we saw Kisumu locals attacking a certain company of employing of the ‘refugees’ at the expense of locals. This should not be the case. Devolution came for the locals.

Its main agenda was to develop the undeveloped and underdeveloped rural areas through maximizing its local resources including man power. This would help in taming brain drain and rural urban movement in search of employment.

Because the Kikuyus have set the pace, I think we should all follow. They are most scattered lot across the country and those living in Central think that by imposing that law, the none Kikuyus would suffer. Of course the main agenda wasn’t about helping the locals but to punish the so called ‘refugees’in their fiefdom.

Let everyone go back to their region or county of origin so as to seek employment there. Even in my own view, the employment should be 100% locals. Let no local suffer while the ‘refugees’ is enjoying. It is courteous for the local to be in good health so as to accommodate or host the ‘refugees’.



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