Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Ndambiri is a Fiasco Of Men in the
Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri

KIRINYAGA DG PATRICK NDABIRI is a FIASCO to men in this world. Not because he was caught feasting on that women, but for betraying his masculinity and allowing “strangers /thugs ” to humiliate him unresistably. Armed with a video recorder, the strangers scared the hell out of the DG to an extent they could parade his nakedness like a marionette.

As pertinent questions informs my thinking of malice in this drama, I am left to recommend a thorough punishment to the personĀ of DG for humiliating MEN! ! But critically analyzing the drama, I would exonerate DGs action of having a girlfriend but he I cannot exonerate his betrayal to MEN! ! First, it was clear that the “woman ” in question was not in her “husband’s” house . In fact, he was in the “traveler’s rooms”!! Anybody who happens to allow her servers be accessed willingly in the travelers rooms ceases to be someone’s wife!!

Concurrently, the server opener ceases to be someone’s husband at that moment. A responsible husband takes care of his wife and the wife becomes submissive to him. Following NDABIRI confession in that short video, he have not opened the servers only once but has done so countless times. This means that , even if the lady was “married ” , she was married in words but his heart and mind were married to the DG.

We cannot act pretentious to condemn Ndambiri while his actions portrays the contemporary trend in the matrimonial setting where A married man has been “allowed” to have a girlfriend. It is not a coincidence that the said girlfriend can be somebody’s wife! This is not a trend that has been condemned by the society, but in the contrary, it has been deemed as a good practice. A mere survey where this variable is subjected to test, it will be revealed that 9 out of 10 married men have at least one girlfriend. The “married ” women are not willing to disclose their marriage status when approached by another man because they want to revenge on their cheating husbands! !

The social morals have been eroded! ! The structure of governance have contributed greatly to this erosion. Poor governance have shown discriminative application of law which is a founding pillar in maintaining and instilling morals and ethics. There is a slow rise in resistance to the discrimination been exercised against the common mwananchi. One of the resisting approach is a continous disregard to social morals and ethics. This can further be supported by the recent acts by the young adults that was trending under the hash tagĀ #ifikiewazazi. This is what disregard of social morals has resulted to.

I would not conclude my opinion piece without noting that those strongly condemning Ndambiri’s actions are most likely having two or more girlfriends on top of their wife. The social morals have been replaced by personal morals and ethics where actions are viewed to be right or wrong based on personal evaluation and not on social agreement! !