The widow of slain Kenya Revenue Authority lawyer Jared Ratemo has incriminated lawyer Harriette Chiggai in the death of her husband.

Kenya Live News is in possession of a signed statement recorded by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for Mrs Caroline Ratemo in which she gives insights into Harriete Chiggai’s immoral involvement with her late husband.

The grieving Mrs Ratemo says in her statement that the accidental discovery of a disturbing text message on her husband’s phone between him and Ms Harriette Chiggai, who serves as a LSK council member, led her husband to confess and promise to end the affair two months before his brutal murder.

Lawyer Jared Ratemo’s disfigured corpse was discovered last July dumped along Mombasa Road in Nairobi Embakasi with gruesome injuries.

Ratemo, a former Senior Supervisor in Customs and Border Control Department Consol base CFS in Mombasa, was brutally murdered in what some detectives want to believe is twisted crime of passion linked to a suspected love triangle.

The full statement recorded a month after her husband’s brutal murder, excerpts of which are published in this exposè, lays bare in toe-curling detail Chiggai’s frequent romps with the late Ratemo. Chiggai is described by Mrs Ratemo as husband snatcher and a home wrecker.

Ratemo’s wife of more than 10 years also describes Chiggai as her husband’s mistress. Family members who spoke to Kenya Live News described Chiggai as a professional gold digger who seduced the late Ratemo because of his wealth, and who remained attached to Ratemo only to be showered with gifts and money.

According to Mrs Ratemo, one text message which was written two months before his death clearly exposes Chiggai as Ratemo’s mistress. In the SMS, the late Ratemo secretly communicates to his lover Chiggai as the slain lawyer fantasizes about sleeping in the arms of the voluptuous Chiggai, and promising to send her a cab to fetch her to his house. Chiggai willingly accepts and claims she actually tried to make Ratemo’s dreams a reality.

Chiggai’s love-cheat message exchange with her husband are said to have greatly upset Mrs. Ratemo leaving her in a state of deep depression. This particular depressive episode resulted in her comforted by her elderly househelp after she locked herself in her bedroom for two whole days.

The latest allegations of promiscuity with a married man will dent Chiggai’s candidature for LSK Vice President 2018-2020, a campaign that has lately been hit by controversy. Chiggai will also face difficulty maintaining her Miss Clean facade.

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According to official autopsy reports, Ratemo was tortured, injected with an unknown substance and strangled before he died. The report also revealed that he suffered several injuries inflicted by a blunt object on his head, face and other parts of the body.

The report also shows that the lawyer’s genitals were painfully crushed while he was still alive, suggesting that the attackers wanted to destroy his manhood even as they ended up strangling him. The kind of violent attacks that late Ratemo endured including to his genitals pointed to a deliberate sexual assault.

Commenting on Ratemo’s death last year, LSK President Isaac Okero the murdered lawyer was scheduled to fly to Mombasa at around 9.45am but was moments later unreachable by phone before his body was discovered.

“The circumstances of Ratemo’s demise point to a most foul murder at the hands of people he was familiar with,” said Mr Okero.

With the late lawyers wife testifying to implicate Ms Chiggai as his secret mistress with prior to his death, fresh questions will emerge on the suitability of Chiggai to serve as Vice President of the LSK.

The Advocates Disciplinary Tribunal mostly deals with issues of professional misconduct, which expression includes disgraceful or dishonorable behavior which is incompatible with the status of an advocate, Chiggai’s position as a Governing Council Member and a potential VP has been brought into disrepute and she will certainly be forced to stand down.

Meanwhile, although the police have arrested and charged Dr. David Muchiri Mwangi, very little progress has came out of his trial as police are said to be investigating the murder.

Dr. Mwangi’s charge sheet states that On July 11 2017 at around 7.50 pm at the Fig Tree Medical Centre, Ngara areas in Nairobi’s Starehe sub-county he murdered Jared Ratemo Mokua.

The emerging stories will present a spectacular fall from grace and possible professional ruin for Chiggai as an upwardly mobile lawyer.