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Uhuru Kenyatta, Chief Justice David Maraga and DCJ Philemena Mwilu

The fate of Chief Justice David Maraga and that of his Deputy Philomena Mwilu as good as buried after the Jubilee administration paid up to Ksh30 million bribe to each winning vote in two crucial intra-judiciary elections.

Up to twenty-seven Kenyan Judges are scheduled to elect the President of the Court of Appeal as well as their Representative to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on Friday.

Reliable sources within the Judiciary intimated to Kenya Live News in strict confidence that up to US $30,000 was paid to each cooperative judge at a city hotel to imfluence their vote in those elections towards an intricate take over plan of the judiciary.

The source added that the money was paid in dollars to individual judges at the posh Safari Park Hotel in green bundles of three US $10,000. Some judges sent representatives while others came personally and could barely hide their excitement.

The huge bribes to the judges were facilitated by senior State House operatives with Justice Kihara Kariuki – Attoney General designate – acting as coordinator.

At this stage, according to several authoritative legal practitioners that spoke to Kenya Live News, nothing can save Maraga and Mwilu and their term is as good as finished!

The plan to manipulate judiciary elections falls within a bid to force Maraga and Mwilu out and Uhuruto have have escalated their onslaught against the independence of the Judiciary by sponsoring the two preferred candidates for those elections; Lady Justice Wanjiru Karanja for JSC against Hon Commissioner Justice Mohamed Warsame, and Justice Al Nashir Visram for President of Appeals Court against Justice Wlliam Ouko.

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With an irresistible monetary offer already pocketed by some judges, and threats of blackmail and victimisation by the state over their heads, Judges will be hard pressed to vote against the preferred candidates of the state. Sources told Kenya Live News some judges have stood their ground and rejected the Jubilee bribes and intimidation.

The manipulation of intra-judiciary elections by Uhuruto seriously undermines the independence and authority of the Judiciary, and from the look of things, Jubilee is intent on taking full control of the third arm of government so as to complete their intricate plans to hijack and capture the state.

The Court of Appeal President is important for the Uhuruto when it comes to appointments of Judges to head critical appeal hearings.

At the same time, the JSC representatives are important for recruitment of judges including the nomination or removal of CJ, DCJ and other Supreme Court judges.

Essentially, Uhuruto are carefully setting stage for the removal of Justices Maraga, Mwilu and Lenaola from the Supreme Court as they are deemed as independent minded and often impartial.

Judiciary has found itself under increasing pressure since the Supreme Court nullified the August 8 presidential election and the rough ride has continued in recent weeks following a series of High Court rulings that some government officials and Jubilee politicians perceive as “favouring” the opposition.

The Law Society of Kenya as well as the various foreign ambassadors have been among those warning that political attacks on members of the judiciary risk undermining the independence of the courts, the rule of law and the separation of powers.


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