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Kenya: Plane carrying #US Special Forces gets stuck on a sandy airstrip in a remote area in #Kenya near the #Somalia border. The US-registered aircraft belonged to Erik Prince, founder of #Blackwater, Trump’s unofficial war advisor

Unverified reports reaching Kenya Live News indicate that an aircraft carrying individuals said to be US Special Forces got stuck on a sandy airstrip in a remote area in Kenya near the Somalia border.

Information on the incident is scanty but reports suggested that the US-registered aircraft belonged to Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, one of the worlds most feared mercenary armies

Prince currently heads a private equity firm called Frontier Resource Group and is chairman of Frontier Services Group Ltd which purchased stakes in two Kenyan aviation companies, Kijipwa Aviation and Phoenix Aviation, to provide logistics services for the country’s oil and gas industry. In October 2014, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority denied Kijipwa Aviation an aviation license renewal.

Prince is also rumored to be the unofficial war advisor to US President Donald Trump.

Interestingly, AP News reported last month that data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica has a link to a Chinese security and logistics company run by Erik Prince.

British corporate records show that Alexander Nix, the suspended chief executive of Cambridge Analytica, is also director of a company called Emerdata Ltd. that was incorporated in August 2017.

Other Emerdata directors include people associated with Cambridge Analytica, along with Johnson Ko Chun Shun, who was appointed in January.

Ko is also deputy chairman of Hong Kong-based Frontier Services Group, whose chairman is Erick Prince.

FSG has attracted attention because of concerns Prince plans to provide special forces veterans to assist Chinese companies investing in risky locations overseas.

China’s biggest state-owned company, Citic, is a major FSG shareholder.