In the excitement of celebrating the dismissal of an election petition against him, the Migori Governor Okoth Obado made the cardinal mistake of publicly challenging the decision of the NEC, NEB and the Central Committees of his party the ODM.

In a widely circulated video clip, Obado also unwittingly rubbished a peace deal between himself and his arch rival Ochilo Ayako which was publicly brokered by H.E. Raila Odinga at the funeral of Senator Ben Okelo Oluoch.

And to rub it it, the rebellious Obado disparaged the ODM NEB as “an unknown entity sitting in Nairobi and which could not under whatever circumstances decide what is good or bad for Migori.”

This is the same NEB that handed Obado the ODM gubernatorial ticket over Ayako last year under very controversial circumstances.

If Obado had any political foresight, he would cultivate good relations with the future senator of Migori who will have oversight powers on him once elected to office. As it is, he has already planted seeds of bad blood and these will return to make his work difficult during his final term.

Like many deluded governors, Obado should know that the act of publicly challenging H.E. Raila to a political duel has ended the careers of many far more resourced politicians than himself. He should ask Philip Okundi next door in Homa Bay, or Ababu Namwamba across the lake in Busia, or other wannabe little presidents like Jack Ranguma and Evans Kidero. They lived to regret their actions.

Obado thinks he is the president of Migori and that as a politician he is answerable only to himself. And because he is holding forte for Deputy President William Ruto, he imagines that he can stand toe to toe with his Excellency Raila Odinga and the ODM Party. Big mistake!

Obado’s association with DP William Ruto amounts to nothing, really and when push comes to shove, Obado will find Migori County too small to venture out.

Look no further than Jubilee themselves have officially withdrawn from the race. This is the ruling party of the Republic lifting up their hands in a surrender gesture after acknowledging that Migori is an ODM zone.

One them wonders how Obado and his political puppet Dalmas Otieno expects to pull this through. In the end, the reality of the electoral defeat will mean the end of an utopian dream.