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NRM General Miguna Miguna insists that Swearing in the People’s President Raila Odinga is more urgent than any other NASA activity.

“I want to say it hear and I will repeat it again and again. The people’s assembly to my opinion is a dead course, it is going nowhere”, Miguna said.

Miguna says the swearing in will reenergize the people’s revolutionary base¬† to reject the despotic duo Uhuru and Ruto.

It is now high time Raila Odinga should know whether he want to become President or not. NASA and NRM should be separated completely and with immediate effect. I am a member of NRM not NASA. NASA formation was to win elections through the ballot, which they did not because of the theft of the two demagogues.

A revolution is never won through dialogue, assemblies or press conferences. Let the NASA people continue singing halleluya for jubilee but for me never.

The thousands of NRM followers want action, action, action and action not rhetorics and promises. It is time to stop agonize and to start organize.

If Raila Odinga is not sworn in by end of year, then we as NRM will make a radical decision.

We need a legacy of better democratic, prosperous, rule of law and equality from Raila Odinga not what the useless US ambassador Godec want.”



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