Mps and Senators to Blow Ksh 400 Million Tax Payers Money in Rwanda for 10 Days - Moses

Mps , Senators and Staff from Parliament of Kenya are set to blow a whooping Ksh 400 Million in Burundi in Parliamentary games.

Gatundu South Legislator Moses Kuria has confirmed that Kenya will send a delegation of about 320 People composed of MPS , Senators and Staff from Parliament.

Kuria took to his facebook page to urge our representatives to ensure every penny of Kenyans count while at the games.

” Kenya is indeed a great sporting nation. Starting this weekend for the next 10 days, Kenya is sending a lean team of 320 Senators, MPs and Parliamentary staffers for the parliamentary games in Burundi. I have no doubts we will do well in such sports such as tug of war where our contingent is particularly large and strong. Bring the medals home, guys. Make every penny of the Ksh 400 Million expenditure count. Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi must know people”,¬† ¬†Moses Kuria said.