By Staff Writer

Of late, Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu’ has repeatedly brought to the fore debate on 2022 general elections and openly said Kikuyus will not be blackmailed by Kalenjins into supporting the candidature of Deputy President William Ruto.

Ngunjiri has gone further and reminded the country of macabre mass murder such as the Kiambaa Church massacre of 2008 which he vows shall never be allowed happen particularly if it is to help Kalenjins ascend to the highest office in the land.

Having followed Ngunjiri Wambugu’s politics since his days as a think-tank member of the murderous Mungiki gang, I am not surprised by his selective citation of historical injustices.

Ngunjiri conventiently forgets how in early 2009, blood thirsty mobs of hired Mungiki killers carried out revenge attacks on innocent Luos at Naivasha soon after the Kiambaa church massacre that had nothing to do with Luos.

In one well planned attack, heavily armed Mungiki youth chased a group of Luos through a slum in Naivasha, trapped them in a house, blocked the doors and using gasoline set the house on fire. The police later found 19 bodies huddled in one room, with rescuers later discovering some of the children’s corpses so badly burned they could not be identified.

Ngunjiri cannot speak for these dead Kenyans even as he leads a political betrayal of the Kalenjins just as he once led another of the Luos after they made Kibaki president.

Ngunjiri must be unequivocally told 2022 is not just a Kikuyu question or a Kalenjin question. There is no justification for evil attacks on poor civilian populations.

For five years now, the entire Kenyan nation is precariously hanging under this untenable tribal coalition known as Jubilee that was built to fight Luos and other like minded communities. With Luos subdued, Jubilee has gone on to execute unprecedented plunder and theft of public resources never before seen within our shores.

As Ngunjiri chest thumps about Kikuyu supremacy and preparedness for war, the rest of the country remains firmly in the grip of a domineering Central Kenya minority group of elites that he is so desperate to join.

Being that Ngunjiri is a puppet of these elites, it is easy to see his confidence emanates from the fact that the entire national security apparatus and all the economic pillars of the nation are firmly under the grip of his fellow tribesmen with other poor Kenyans watching helplessly from the sidelines.

Having consolidated state power,
Kenyans have painfully endured watching blatant tribal appointments, one after another, including octogenarians who served in similar state positions under Kenyatta regime. It is a misplaced sense of entitlement that has seen the ruling elites refusing to let go the national tills from where they routinely loot.

Whereas other Kenyans are sympathetic to the ordinary Kikuyu peasants held hostage by this rulibg class, fleeced of resources and opportunities, suppressed and silenced by the threat of death, the likes of Ngunjiri only help perpetuate distrust by fellow countrymen and women.

It is acts of courage by Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga that bury hatchets and gives hope to the nation are not viewed seriously by these entitled Kikuyu a and Kalenjins. How then will gap between the ordinary Kikuyus and the rest of their equally disenfranchised fellow citizens be bridged with such attitudes?

There is absolutely nothing positive that blind loyalty to a rogue class of old tribesmen confers to say a poor and young Kikuyu male who in the not so distant past was a target for vicious police extrajudicial killings.

It is sad to listen to horror stories from countrymen and women in Central Kenya who cannot sleep at night for fear of being terrorised Mungiki on one hand and state security on the other.

Fearmongering is precisely the old age tool used to suppress dissent in Central and Rift Valley and thus enabling the entitled minority elite to easily domineer the rest of the nation. Ngunjiri is acting as their efficient puppet.