1. Bidco via Vimal Shah was involved in Safaricom’s Cheza Games saga with Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore refunding Billions – Multibillion Saga (Dropped as CEO at Bidco to Chairman)
  2. Bidco Oil Refineries Chief Executive Officer Vimal Shah is a man under siege and has always been accused of economic sabotage as well as human rights abuse. To show how bad things were during his tenure as CEO, he once had to pull out of a prestigious London Investment Conference after one of the delegates whispered to him that protesters were planning to demonstrate against him over his poor human rights record. But that never stopped the protests from taking place, watch here; Protests against Bidco CEO Vimal Shah in Central London
  3. Exploit Workers – His firms underpay poor farmers, exploit those he has employed and suppliers. Poor working conditions are also the order of the day at Bidco. The Workplace is full of danger. Bidco staff have been suffering for years over poor working conditions and sick pay as well as the firms poor safety record. Staff says employs are fired at will and without following laid down procedures, and those who demand better pay or good working conditions are intimidated and threatened with summary dismissal. (A worker once died in a Bidco store and court order Vimal to pay the family one million shillings leading to many questions from Kenyans who wondered how human life could be that cheap): Daily Nation; Bidco boss directed to appear before House committee
  4. Evades tax : KRA has been demanding Sh702Million tax. The taxes have accumulated to Sh1.3billion with one time KRA threatening to attach bank account and properties. This was also subject to social media campaigns, and the office of Kenyan Ombudsman once wrote a letter to KRA demanding an explanation why Bidco had not paid arrears.Daily Nation; Bidco, KRA and senator in Sh5bn tax evasion suit
  5. Vimal is a heartless man. Money to National Housing Insurance Fund (NHIF) and National Social Security Fund (NSSF) is not remitted as prescribed; it is claimed. To complicate matters, workers are paid on contract basis. Daily Nation; Bidco CEO summoned by house labour committee
  6. The hygiene standards of Bidco products are being questioned as to whether they meet the standards required. Workers who have had accidents at their workplace are not compensated. (A woman working at the boilers is said to have received severe burns, but the family efforts to get compensated has hit a snag. At one time, Vimal Shah is said to have chased her parents from her office calling them stupid poor Africans).
  7. Bidco has budgeted and allocated less to social responsibilities. As a result there is now a move to boycott the company’s products. Staff members do not enjoy education scholarships for their children. The clinic at the factory is poorly manned and is only for first aid. Christians are not allowed to pray and fellowship during lunch times as it happens in other places as this is banned.
  8. Sexual harassment by Indian managers is the order of the day. To compound and complicate matters, even those fully employed are not covered by insurance .
  9. United Nations were probing all these scandals as Bidco risks being kicked out of the United Nations Global Compact. Parliament is also probing Bidco over human rights abuses, grabbing of all land in Uganda and tax evasion now estimated to be 7 billion shillings as at april 2017.
  10. Polluting Air With Harmful Emissions. Doesn’t meet the NEMA regulations. Effects seen in Thika town.


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