NASA Minority Leader John
NASA Minority Leader John Mbadi


Someone would think that ODM politicians who are part and parcel of the NASA community, would be the most aggressive in pushing for what the coalition has been agitating for ever since the elections were once again stolen.

They used to be aggressive, until they were sworn in and parliamentary committees and other house positions came knocking.

It should be common sense, that if your party leader is the candidate whose victory was stolen for yet another round of shambolic elections, you would be at the forefront agitating for justice. But to the contrary, the whole lot of them swiftly moved on long before uhuru even soiled on the Bible.

They unapologetically went and ‘grabbed’ all the seats that were available for NASA to share in both houses of the legislature. They then came out chest thumping about it, terming it as being a fair square competitive process and that they WON. Of course they won, the enemy wanted them to win. It would serve Jubilee’s future stakes very well.

While ODM is moving on with all the seats they’ve conquered, they fail to see the reason why Jubilee was too quick to support only members from one side of the NASA coalition. Curiously too, their preferred candidates were by and large members from one region.

The perception the jubilee party has now successfully created, is that of an ODM that is greedy, bullish and insensitive to the collective aspirations of other NASA coalition partners. An ODM only interested in cutting deals with the election THIEVES. A party trading with jubilee by using the followers LOYALTY to Raila as leverage.

If ODM parliamentarians are serious about a Raila and Kalonzo presidency, they must give up positions to other members of the NASA coalition. Let Mbadi or any other person for that matter be the bigger man for the sake of the unity of purpose that brought NASA together in the first place.

Uhuru whips his people to fake favoritism on members of individual NASA parties (this time from ODM, the stronger party within NASA) and then capitalize on the squabbling that inevitably ensues thereafter.

Jubilee wants NASA dead and gone, and NASA is going to die unless all partners refocus their eyes on fixing the biggest injustice uhuruto have committed against the people.

Besides, why should the positions currently being fought over, be too important to trigger rifts from within, if at all all of us believes we are the rightful owners of this full bread?

Are we aspiring to be the government or we just want to MOVE ON as we’ve always done?

By Otieno Otieno