Opinion: DP Ruto should tell Kenyans how he gets the Millions he donates Weekly-Kenyalivenews.com

William  Ruto the Deputy President of Kenya is missing the point. The issue is not where he takes/gives or donates money, the issue is where he gets it from.

And that is what lifestyle audit is about. The money you donate in churches during the daytime, where do you get it from, simple. Hi pesa unapeana, UNATOA wapi? Kuna kupeana na kuna kutoa wapi.

We would never ask questions is he made a standing order for his entire salary to be channeled to a church of his choice.

Ruto and every public servant must show us a balance between his expenditure and his sources of money. And we have every right to ask without them raising sideshows or intimidating us.

Trying to bring in drama ati oohh some people donate to witchcraft at night, will not divert our attention. If the DP can show us satisfactorily that he earns 100million a week clean money, then we will encourage him him to donate another 40m a week over and above to 10 million tithe.

If someone is earning clean money, let them donate to witch doctors for all we care. But let them not just dismiss the issue like that. We pay taxes very painfully.

By Wahome Thuku