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To any unsuspecting Kenyan, Ruto’s high voltage country wide tours are development oriented events and not political rallies connected to 2022.

But to those with a keen-sharp-third political eye who can scrutinise and dig into political developments more critically, they are panic rallies triggered by the behind the – scenes machinations within the system which have profoundly altered the matrix for him in 2022, completely ruining his chances.

The system that created him has already marked him as an over ambitious dangerous fellow on the lose and they have embarked on a vicious grand scheme to knock him out.

He is well aware of this and consequently he has resorted to full blown campaigns in retaliation to hit back and send a message across that he will not go lying down. The system is talking to him through a series of actions being rolled out in the back ground and deliberately provoking him to go out full throttle. He is simply preparing the ground for the obvious, the grand betrayal which is right on course.

Back to his Rift Valley backyard, Ruto is banking on some little leverage, which should be getting the system burning the midnight oil on how to handle it. It is this little leverage I want to narrow down to for the rest of this piece.

By agreeing to work with Ruto, and more significantly, by making him his DP and promising to return favor in 2022, Uhuru effectively gave out the Kikuyu population in Rift Valley as political hostages. It will be interesting to see how and if he will release them from the political captivity, that is if he goes ahead and parts ways with his second in command as he has already demonstrated in body language, choice of words and actions that he is intend in breaking the marriage.

Indeed, there is no time in our political history a community has been held as political hostages than the Kikuyu community of Rift Valley now, with threats of violence being dangled on their heads as a consequence should they fail to return favor.


The magnitude of the blackmail and threats to violence is well illustrated by angry outbursts by Nyeri Town Mp Ngunjiri Wambugu when he posts on his twitter handle “hamtatuuzia uoga”. That Ngunjiri Wambugu can take to social media with explosive anti Ruto outbursts should not be ignored. Somebody more powerful is speaking through Wambugu. They say when you see a frog roaming out day time, know that there is something going on. The myth that Ruto’s kalenjin community are serious warriors than any other community in Kenya is one that must be demystified. The kalenjin have never been against State Security. They have always unleashed ethnic violence against unarmed civilians under the patronage of the Moi state protection.

If hustler is banking on a dead myth that some community will be under a spell to vote for him at all costs, then he is setting his community up for an unprecedented confrontation with a well equipped police machinery. They will for the first time in their history confront armed reaction to any form of violence in Rift Valley. Unlike the Luo who have continuously survived such brutality since independence,the kalenjin will most likely experience the right of a government monopoly to tools of violence for the first time in independent Kenya.
That political unity between Kalenjins and Kikuyus is the only guarantee for peace in Rift Valley is total blackmail, a travesty to freedom of choice and a very retrogressive impediment to democracy.

It’s clear that the self proclaimed hustler is heavily relying on blackmail to coarse a section of Kenyans to support his course and that explains why he is receiving pledges of support from very unlikely quarters.

Most MPs, from across the political divide are associated with companies doing business with government. Most of the companies have had their payments pending with the government for up to three, four and five years. It’s not a secret that the withholding of this payments is a plot engineered by the hustler and implemented by the CS Treasury so that the payments can be used as conduits to lure desperate and frustrated MPs who are the company owners. Those who declare support for him will have their companies payed their pending dues by the government.

Ruto is watching helplessly as the dismantling of his networks within the government proceeds under the watchful eyes of Uhuru.

The hustler believes that elections can never be won through the ballot, on papers, but by rigging. Indeed, he was the centre and the chief coordinator of all the rigging process in the last elections. He was allowed to be in command of the rigging machinery including the team of ICT key board warriors led by Chirchir and a host of those whose names are in the scrutiny report presented before the Supreme Court during the Presidential petition. The question is how prepared is the hustler to the reality of what is unfolding post 2022 given that the Presidency is already out of his reach?. His networks within the electoral system will be dismantled slowly by slowly.

He is even rumoured to have been in control of criminal elements within the police force, which reminds me of the wise words by former police commissioner Mathew Iteere who said “When citizens elect people with criminal minds, they jeopardize police ability to fight the vice”.

If hustler Presidency will come through threats, intimidation,trickery and buying elected leaders, then our country is facing an oasis of economic decay and ruin of unsurmountable proportions.

My generation will stand up for Kenya and our future generations at all costs.

By Kiberenge Jnr