To HELL With The HUSTLER, His ambition is about Him not
DP William Ruto, The Hustler

There’s a worrying trend creeping up in Rift Valley. When you air your opinions, self appointed prefects will swarm on you with accusations of sabotaging 2022 and betraying the community. When did an individual’s personal ambition become a communal burden?

If you think William Ruto’s presidential ambition is about you or the community, then you are not only naive but foolish. William Ruto’s Presidential ambition is only about him and his cronies.
Everything is about widening his control and empire. I have not seen communal education funds, I have not seen industries launched in Rift Valley to employ the youth…..when they go to other regions they launch projects, when they come to Rift Valley ni siasa na vitisho vya 2022. The other day, farmers were terrorised under the watch of his leadership; he hasn’t said anything, no condemnation, no reprisal and the NCPB MD is still walking a free man. Why should the community labor for him where he doesn’t labor for them? How has the community benefitted from 8 years of Jubilee rule apart from plundering and one person becoming meteorically wealthy?

Development, Success and prosperity is not ethnically transmitted. In Kibaki’s presidency, a man we fought, the region experienced phenomenal growth; businesses thrived, farmers earned from their produce. Today, the only things that we’ve benefited from Jubilee is economic plundering and outright looting.
Yesterday, the president gazetted parastatal appointments. How many young people from R. Valley were appointed? Not even the near suicidal sycophants.

The next time you think about reading out the 2022 riot act, ask yourself how the whole saga is beneficial to you,how it will make your life better.

There will rise a generation that will not be intimidated and will be ready to pay the price for a better Kenya.

I will be counted.


By Gerald Bitok