OPINION: Why Kenya's William Ruto is the Julius Malema of East and Central Africa-Kenyalivenews.com
EFF Julius Malema Left, William Ruto Right

From whichever angle you look at it; in Kenya and the whole East Africa, only URP’s DP William Samoei Ruto can be compared to EFF’s Julius Sello Malema.

Malema’s speech yesterday at Orlando stadium during Mama Winnie Mandela’s funeral is an inspiring – on point speech that leaves no stone un-turned when it comes to fighting for the poor, the desperate and the less privileged in the society. This is what William Ruto has been doing all along when the big dynasties are fighting him not to ascend to power. DP Ruto, in his quest to ensure that the country relieves itself from the big three families that have sabotaged the nation politically for decades, has consistently fought for the less privileged and ensures he supports all and sundry regardless of age, social class, ethnic origination, academic scopes and economic stripes. He has mentored many young political leaders across the nation; you know them.

Malema rubbished those hypocrites who had all along fought Winnie Mandela yet they are now at the forefront with PR stunts during the final send-off of Mama Winnie Mandela pretending to be crying the loudest. I vividly remember how DP Ruto was fought by Former President Daniel Torotich Arap Moi but am happy he overcame the challenge and became a member of Parliament, the Deputy President and now almost becoming the President. Such an experience should tell the likes of Gideon Kipselel Arap Moi that nobody is entitled to success just because of your second name. Success is fought for, it’s hardly laboured for and lastly it’s earned. Leave alone the handshakes and the handcheques lovers out there plus their surrogates and their supporters; this is a real son of a hustler who fights for the holloi polloi.

If you keenly listened to Malema’s speech, he talked of Winnie Mandela never at one time sell her people, she stood firm with them and fought together all along. At no time has DP William Ruto displayed public greed and ever sold his people. He has always built his political empire even as key political figures like Raila Odinga openly sold his people faking the peace pact on Uhuru-Raila truce yet we know this is a political plan by Raila to gain long-time relevancy by playing soft to the current enemy; Jubilee. As if that is not enough, the likes of Kalonzo Musyoka have sold their people severally; not once or twice, to gain political relevancy while Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula have even at one point sold their people and gone to an extend of selling themselves, just to be politically relevant; what the Sugoi man William Samoei Ruto has never attempted.

I know most people whose above points hit hard will rubbish this post by alluding to DP Ruto’s wealth; my friend, if you can’t hustle to reach where DP Ruto has reached, continue to accuse him of his wealth. We should all hustle and pray that one day, out fortunes come forth. And by the way, of what moral authority do people like Musalia Mudavadi who still have corruption court cases till now as am speaking, have to audit DP Ruto yet they are patients who want to treat a doctor. This is in relation to DP Ruto who has no court case now, as I speak.

Finally, Just like Malema, William Ruto’s political path is being fought only by the rich people who have no commoners interests at heart; what has been clearly displayed in the forging of big families to oppose DP Ruto. Anybody who believes in change in this nation, must support William Samoei Ruto for this country’s presidency so as to elect the plight of the poor, the less privileged, the peasant, the farmers choice and the voice of the voiceless. But we are not yet there, we are firmly behind Jubilee’s big four development agenda; health, manufacture, food security and affordable housing for all.

For the young supporters of Raila Odinga, kindly decamp from supporting old people who have outlived their political period and support your fellow hustler, your fellow agemate, a person whom you can easily interact with, a person who can represent you and your aspirations. Let’s us now think of salavaging this nation from the big families syndrome; I am happy most of my friends are here, and those who are not here yet, are almost here. Viva.

Even as 2022 remains a sight to behold, we must urge our brothers who continues to eat with the might that a time will come when the majority of this nation Kenya, who are the lowest class will gang up against the big three families. A time will come, yes it will come. A time is coming. The time is now.

Comrade Douglas Ogari
The National Youth alliance Chairman.