President Uhuru has for the first time bit the bullet by declaring that he will be a prominent player in the succession politics.

The pronouncement by President Uhuru has rattled the political divide and left various groups in confusion and consternation.

Uhuru declared that the person he will anoint to succeed him will be a shocker to the people. This statement takes me to various theories

Moi 2002 succession plan of 2002

Former President had scripted his own succession plan by neutralizing the opposition through snatching NDP leader Raila Odinga, who late folded his party to join Kanu at the merger.

Moi knew that Raila presence in the Kanu was so important to his succession plan and would render the opposition of then Ford Kenya leader the late Wamalwa Kijana, Dp Leader Mwai Kibaki, SDP leader Charity Ngilu and James Orengo impotent.

Raila was the cog and the heart of the opposition politics and mobilizer per excellence.

In Moi’s equation, he wanted to pass over the baton to Uhuru with Mudavadi as his deputy and eventual heir apparent.

This explains why Moi was able to fish out Mudavadi from the opposition after he had defected with Raila and other leaders from Kanu to join LDP after the former President anointed uhuru.

Mudavadi was appointed the vice president and made Uhuru runnung mate. He lost his Sabatia seat in the general election to little known then Moses Akaranga.

Interestingly, Uhuru also lost in the presidential election but became the opposition leader and eventual the president.

Mudavadi declined party nomination to parliament and went through a political rehabilitation in the hands of Raila.

So President Uhuru owes Moi and Mudavadi a debt that he needs to pay and that is why the son of omulembe could be the shocker.

Odinga political chase game at independence

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga could be viewed as the father of the political dynasties in the country. It is Odinga who maintained and committed to Kenyatta Presidency

Similarly, Odinga and Moses Mudamba were very close friends and spent most of the time in Kisumu. The duo had a table where they sat only two of them passing time and discussing politics.

It is through Mudavadi the teacher that Moi was roped into the politics of the nation. Odinga asked Mudavadi to bring Moi on board and that is how he assumed the table of the dynasties.

With these three four families, the dynasty was born, nurtured and a back bone of Kenya’s politics. It from this perspective that could have informed Moi’s succession politics.

Shetani phrase

When President Kibaki was exiting the political game, a section of leaders from Central Kenya argued and supported Mudavadi Presidency.

They even went ahead and convinced Uhuru who some how bought the idea but made about turn with Shetani mantra and went ahead to win the election.

With Mudavadi on the presidential ballot, Uhuru was assured that Raila sizeable vote block was going to be eaten on by the son of Mudamba and enhance his win.

And true to that, Mudavadi candidature was an eyesore to Raila presidential bid.

Raila- Mudavadi love

Raila has a great soft spot for Mudavadi. That Odinga and Mudamba relationship was handed over to the two sons.

That is why Raila has often died for Mudavadi and would be at home with his presidency.

Mudavadi the neutralizer

Mudavadi passes as the neutralizer for the two political divide. He is loved across the country and his bid could easily pick a storm to State House.

Even for Moi, he would be happy with Mudavadi presidency because he was part of his 100 years of Kanu rule.

Let wait and see if there could be a Mudavadi storm