Most Kenyan families are now surviving on a meal a day as the price of a 2kg packet of unga increases almost on a daily basis and is predicted to be retaiking at Sh200 by end of next month.

A survey by KLN confirmed this grim reality and local maize have predicted that unga that is currently retailing at between 130 and 160 will almost certainly be retailing at Sh200 by end of February 2018.

Consequently, ordinary Kenyans are changing what they eat with cheaper alternstives, while others are eating far much less than they used to because of the rising cost of food.

Yesterday, Agriculture CS Willy Bett ordered that that unga should not retail at more than Sh115 per packet but industry players say such orders will do nothing to shield Kenyans.

The skyrocketing maize meal prices were triggered by government abrupt withdrawal of maize subsidies earlier this month which observers opine signalled the end of the electoral cycle.

Led by United Grain Millers Association Chairman Peter Kuguru, Miller’s have said supplies from traditional supply sources like the North Rift have ralidly declined. KLN has confirmed that apart from failed rains, farmers were given substandard fertilizer and poor seed by government last two seasons leading to mass crop failure.

The current stock of approximately two million bags is expected to last only to the end of February.

Government is also on the spot for the failure of the 1.7 million acre Galana-Kulalu Food Security Project which has so far consumed Sh10 billion was a Jubilee flagship project intended to ensure food security in Kenya.

The opposition NASA has branded this a white elephant which together with billions more invested in fertiliser, seed and other irritation projects have been embezzled by government functionaries resulting to perennial food shortages in Kenya.


Raila vindicated as Uhuru abruptly ends maize subsidy programme