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Kenyans to face hard times ahead as government is set to slap the taxpayer withSh8.1billion backdated bills hidden from the electricity consumers during the campaigns.

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) revealed the hefty bill in its this year’s financial statement claiming to have been from severe drought experienced in the country last year which caused a surge in the uptake of expensive diesel-generated electricity that compensated for a sharp dip in hydropower production.

Top among those to be affected by this move are the unsuspecting poor Kenyans owning mud houses in the villages who reportedly got “free” electricity connection in their homes, only to be slapped with the costs after elections are over.

Uhuru switching the lights at a mud house in
Uhuru switching the lights at a mud house in Kiambu.

The latest development has badly exposed the government as its been revealed that Jubilee kept power bills artificially low in the months to the 2017 general election for fear of voters backlash.

The government did this by failing to deduct the correct fuel cost charges. Consequently, power consumers accumulated a KShs 10.1 billion bill which is now being deducted from current power bills.

Aggrieved Kenyans have since expressed their anger and frustration on the revelation, terming the move mysterious and fraudulent.

“This is expediency and impunity of the highest order. This is just another case of voter bribery which Jubilee used to lure voters to the slaughterhouse. It is a shame that institutions like ERC are used for such dirty undertakings.” lamented one angered Kenyan Ephraim Njega.

Other Kenyans on twitter claimed such dubious and suspicions moves are meant to benefit the high and might.

According to reportsĀ published by The Daily Nation, Kenya Power listed Mama Ngina Kenyatta as its largest individual investor, having 2.2 million shares in the company,

Campaign time is over and the skyrocketed high cost of living is slowly returning to their usual normal. Just last week, the Uhuru government announced an abrupt end to the subsidized maize flour program where a two kilograms packet of Unga was retailing at Sh90.




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