President Uhuru Playing with Emotions of the Public On Corruption

When majority of those arrested are junior officers like stores clerks, storemen, accounts clerk, accountants and auditors; these are junior officers whose job is to prepare paper work for their bosses.

For auditors, there work comes after payments have been done, basically after funds have been looted, why then include them (auditors) in the list? ODPP should instead use the auditors to strengthen their case. ODPP must know that its not the quantity or number of cases prosecuted BUT the convictions realized after the trials.

There is no way anybody(group of persons) can steal 9 billion from ministry or a state arm without getting serious coverup from the highest office on land. The president receives intelligence reports daily and illegal movement of such amounts from govt is outright felony.

Uhuru has been carrying a begging bowl-like Oliver Twist- to western capitals begging for 2 billion here, 3 billion there, 4 billion which you can’t tell me when collated together, a common Kenyan will just steal like petty thief snatching a phone on Tom Mboya street.

How do you even move such an amount without the attention of CBK, NIS & DCI! What we are seeing is just a drama festival, truth is to successfully even execute a normal bank robbery, you will need the blessings of the local police to succeed, even thieves in estate need the blessing of the local police to carry out their wickedness.

Uhuru and Ruto owe this nation a serious explanation. Its either one of them is complicit, or both, or they are simply taking this country for a ride. Something is seriously not adding up, these thieves have a very senior godfather up there assuring them of their safety. In my thinking, these are not even thieves but footsoldiers earning commission from their unpatriotic masters. But maybe I’m wrong!

By  Ruth Catherine