Raila Saved Uhuru and Mount Kenya through the Handshake, Kuria and Ngunjiri told off-Kenyalivenews.com

LAST evening I listened to a long clip of Mr Kimani Ngunjiri the MP for Bahati a man I truly respect. One of the many many things he said was to ask President Uhuru Kenyatta to drop the handshake relationship with Hon Raila Odinga saying it would backfire and Uhuru community would suffer.
I think on a serious note its the high time that Uhuru came out clearly to disclose at least to some persons like Kimani, why he decided to work with Raila Odinga. Its something known to Uhuru family and his close confidants.

I’m not one of them but I too have heard it from multiple sources but certainly can’t say it here. Just to say, Raila saved Kamwana. It has nothing to do with uniting communities or creating bridges.

That is just a decoy to ensure things never get worse. I’m surprised that Kimani Ngunjiri does not, otherwise he would not be asking For Uhuru to drop Raila. In fact from the reasons given for the handshake I would say Raila Odinga is more than a brother to Uhuru.
Yes the handshake may not be very important to the rest of Kenyans but its a way of putting a political clothing on a very very personal thing that happened between Uhuru, William, Raila and one other person.

And if I were Uhuru I too would have grabbed Raila very first. The truth of the matter is that things do happen and one day it shall be revealed.

By Wahome Thuku