Raila's Silence is essential for Kenyans to realise they also have a duty to protect Kenya-Kenyalivenews.com

I once argued here that Raila Odinga needed to leave the scene for Kenyans to realise that the job of ensuring that we have a functioning country was not his alone, and that every little sacrifice he had put in, and every price he had paid, including the 9 years in detention and the torture sessions at the Nyayo House basement were voluntary exertions he would have avoided if he so wished.

When I heard Miguna Miguna and his online soldiers accusing Raila of having failed to repair Miguna’s house after the Police damaged it, I knew Raila’s departure was more urgent now than it had ever been. What most guys don’t realise is that Raila don’t owe us nothing. Even if he retired to his Opoda farm, the next 10 generations of the Odingas will never lack. It is you, who gets affected by a rise in the price of rice that needs to rise up and fight.

When he tried to conserve the Mau, it is the farmers that need the Mau more than he does that told him ‘Mfua inatoga chuu, sio kwa msitu’, and went ahead to vote to a man to stop him from ascending to the Presidency. These very farmers are now earning the lowest prices they have ever earned for their maize and milk, yet they are in Kafamen. Just the other day, it is those that swear that ‘Raira wiro nefa be Prisident’ that were picking their dead ‘shudren’ from tree stumps.

Rather than retire though, Raila went one better. He shook a hand, and sent everything into disarray. And he made me even happier. Kwani who says he cannot join ‘ Kafamen’? Where is it written that only Luos must die for the rest of us? Who made them our Jesus Christs? When the price of rice rises, don’t it rise for us all? So why must we ~ Baba’s supporters ~ be the ones permanently on the bench and never on the field of play?

There is a whopping 9 billion missing at the NYS. Tell Miguna, Wetangula and Kalonzo to call a presser and bang tables. If you folks expect us to get noisy about it, you gonna wait a long damn time because we can’t talk with food in our mouths. It is not good table manners. Kwanza I hear his Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta and his Excellency Raila Odinga will be on a week long tour of Western and Nyanza soon. We are waiting for the goodies that we’ve been denied all those years we we’ve been out of Kafamen.

By Onyikwa Nyakudi