Referendum isn't about Creating a Job for Raila Or Extending Uhuru's Term, Ruto

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has issued a swift rejoinder at Deputy President William Ruto over his anti Referendum utterance yesterday.

Ruto said there is  no shortage of positions in Kenya, basically answering NASA Leader Raila Odinga who hinted at a Referendum to look into the governance structure of the country.

But Ngunjiri has not take Ruto’s asserting lying low, warning that the 2019 2020 Referendum is not about creating a job for Raila or extending President Uhuru Kenyatta’s term but rather creating a governance structure geared towards accomodating all Kenyans.

Below is Hon. Ngunjiri’s rejoinder;

”REFERENDUM 2019/2020

The coming referendum is not about creating a job for Raila Odinga, creating a retirement position for Uhuru Kenyatta or stopping William Ruto from being (an all powerful) President.

The coming referendum is about creating a governance structure where the minority have their say as the majority have their way.

One Kenya, for all of us.”