Sonko Miguna

Sonko picks Miguna as a Deputy Governor. What could be the motivation? Here are some of the reasons:

1. Impeachment script:

Sonko is put under pressure to appoint a Kikuyu DG. They actually did. Sonko had announced he is appointing a Kikuyu lady as his DG. Then MCAs are incited against him gradually and he is impeached. The Kikuyu DG automatically becomes Governor.

But Sonko got wind of the chess game in time. And flipped on them. Sonko now knows Kikuyu power cartels will not impeach him only to make Miguna Miguna Governor. For known reasons, Miguna is a worse option for the cartels.

2. William Ruto Script

WSR by all means wants Sonko to remain as the governor. He played a significant role in ensuring Sonko won the Jubilee ticket at the Jubilee Nominations. Ruto understands his situation is not different from Sonko’s. The system is currently against Sonko and it is just a matter of time the same play game is replicated to eliminate him. But being a tactful Machiavellian, the man from Sugoi has decided to pre-empt the game, disorganize and distort it.

Miguna is neither a darling to Raila nor Uhuru. He is on the record swearing to remove the latter whom he describes as a ‘despot’ and openly criticizing the former for betrayal. His appointment as the DG is more or less bringing the fight to the duo’s door. How does WSR gain?

First, Sonko remains as a governor endearing the kamba community to himself.

Two, Miguna has been taunted as possible Heir apparent to Raila Odinga. A stronger Miguna weakens Odingas – The major WSR political enemy. And if Miguna brings about a much needed change at City Hall, he will have successfully garnered a luo following within the city- a thing WSR will be ready to exploit.

Three, a Strong Sonko is a slap on the face of Mount Kenya Cartels. Another win for WSR.

Four, a guy declared Person non grata by Uhuru’s team led by Karanja Kibicho and frustrated so much to an extent of double deportation is appointed to a powerful position at the heart of the country. A massive embarrassment and a strong message sent to Uhuru and co. Watajua Hawajui.

3. Handshake Effect.

For both Uhuru and Odinga, it is better to have the hyena inside your tent pissing out, than outside pissing in. Miguna has to be contained, otherwise he will create a parallel centre of drama and power complete with protests and media hullabaloo crap that Uhuru can’t handle.

4. Popular Script.

Sonko may have just looked around and thought he should just pick a candidate who is quite popular with the city masses. And Miguna’s name popped first.

5. Drain the Swamp Script

Sonko has more often than not complained of a serious cartel that has taken over the City Hall paralyzing operations. And when he looked around, no one cut a better image and character of such a figure more than Miguna. Intelligent, experienced, political, bold and shoots straight. Miguna is not easily manipulated and has a penchant for perfection further finding favour with Sonko.

By Arap Doyo NL