Revealed: The Real Uhuru Kenyatta's

The real uhuru Kenyatta dilemma:

1. He grabbed a horse (presidency thru new constitution) then quickly jumped off and mounted a Tiger. How does he alight? He will be chewed.

2. Uhuru stole his first presidential term and spend the whole of it justifying and legitimising his presidency. Now he is about to exit with a D-. Is his legacy fixable?

3. He formed a cocktail of a coalition not knowing the ingredients. Now he realizes the he has brewed the murderous kiambu alcohol. (W. Ruto)

4. He has presided over unforgivable crimes which have added family landmines up to Hague. Where can he stay or even tour after his term? Ugenya where Mandi is buried or Hague where he has an open file?

5. He is young enough to retire and be sued after all evidence no longer rots. By the way the popular former Brazilian prezzo is in jail for 12 years. S Korea lady, 30 years.

6. The defunct land commission and the tjrc process need more urine to secure their ill-gotten wealth. Who can do that since Ruto will grab it instead.

7. To be secure at least uhuru needs a partner who is genuinely popular and can be listened to. Not Ruto who will be frog matched out of state house.

8. Power has lost flavor to uhuru coz nobody wants him anywhere including now murang’a, western Kenya coast, uhuru park, South Africa, Tanzania, London name it.

9. Jemison whisky is no longer performing and it’s also unhealthy and incompatible with official duties.

10. He needs raila, raila, raila, raila odinga odinga odinga. That he knows that, has made me think he is not beyond salvage and there is a new thinker in state house.

By Wafula BukeĀ