Ruaraka Land and Sugar Sagas Solely About Undermining Uhuru's Hold on State
CS Fred Matiangi adversely mentioned in the Ruaraka Land Scandal

To run a State one must have absolute control over the ‘Sword’ & the ‘Purse’. These are the two most important functions and operations of the state.

In Kenya the Ministry of Interior is the ‘sword’ while Treasury is the ‘purse’.

The Ruaraka and Sugar sagas are strategically meant to undermine President Kenyatta’s hold on these two critical state functionalities, by ‘managing’ or intimidating the state officers who oversee them on his behalf.

The two sagas are meant to either hound them out of office and have more malleable people put in: or force them to ‘align’ with the ‘future’.

End-state: reduce Uhuru’s hold on state security & intelligence, and on states finances. (eg we know Rotich has veto powers over new government projects).

By Ngunjiri Wambugu