Ruto Forced to Abandon 2022 Campaigns after a heated Cabinet meeting Chaired by President

Deputy President William Ruto has finally bowed out of the 2022 Presidential campaigns after a heated Cabinet meeting Chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday.

President Uhuru is said to have warned all engaging in 2022 campaigns instead of working towards achieving his agenda to ship out of his government.

President Uhuru’s firmness prompted DP Ruto to release a press statement bowing out 2022 Presidential campaigns.

Below is a statement from his Secretary of communication;


It has come to the attention of the Deputy President that there are individuals and/or groups who are purporting to be mobilising support connected to his 2022 presidential campaign.

At no time has the Deputy President approved, canvassed or engaged in any other form of preparation for a presidential or other campaign after the last Presidential Election.

Secondly, he does not, and has never approved, consented to or supported haphazard, sketchy, messy, premature political canvassing.

The Deputy President is a democrat and believes that campaigning must be done at the APPROPRIATE time, in an organised, systematic manner, that gives candidates the opportunity to have quality engagement with the people within a political party and based on issues and policies.

At the moment, he is working to support the President to ensure that Jubilee’s transformational agenda, especially the Big 4, is fully realised in every part of the country.

The Deputy President therefore asks those running noisy charades and mock-campaigns to use their energy more productively while those funding the same to find better use for their resources. He also demands that they leave his name out of their shenanigans.

David Mugonyi
Secretary Communication