Deputy President William Ruto hosts President Uhuru Kenyatta and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for lunch at his official residence in Karen.

The trio had earlier in the day attended a Requiem Mass for the late Maendeleo ya Wanawake chairperson Jane Kiano in Karen.

Raila while giving his tribute told off those who had been branding President Uhuru Kenyatta and him as products of Dynasties.

“Jomo Kenyatta was a son of a pauper. He struggled and was detained by the colonialists for all those years. Because of that, you cannot say Uhuru is part of a dynasty. Odinga, son of Raila, was just a pauper. You would say he was just a hustler. You cannot, therefore, say that Raila is a product of a dynasty, Raila is just Raila just the way he is and Uhuru is Uhuru because of himself ” Raila Odinga said.

Raila and Ruto have been political rivals who do not see eye eye after a fall out during the coalition government.

There is high likelihood of the two contesting against each other in 2022.