Ruto's Dynasty vs Hustler Narrative won't Sell ahead of 2022 Political
Deputy President William Ruto (right) meets Baringo Senator Gideon Moi at the burial ceremony of Baringo South MP Grace Kipchoim on May 5, 2018.

The last crap I will ever consume is this insidious line of dynasty versus hustler contest, where one wants to fatally ride to the presidency through whipping up emotions of the paupers. One good thing about history is that it can never be edited; not from Kabarak farm or Ichaweri village or Opoda farm and it will definitely not happen in Sugoi. Let me set the record straight.


The Executive Director of YK92 was none other than the self proclaimed hustler. This, was a dreaded gang made up of exuberant young men who used every available means to ensure Moi remains in power in 1992. They mobilized resources at their disposal and even unleashed state sanctioned terror on those who did not subscribe to their political doctrine. WSR was part and parcel of those who fed the so called Moi dynasty but he is now inviting you to help him strangle and crash the above dynasty. Reject the offer!


When the whole nation was seemingly fed up with Moi in 2002 and people united to catapult Kibaki to power, your honourable hustler deemed it fit to support Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of Johnstone Kamau and publicly denounced Mwai Kibaki. At that time, it hadn’t hit him up that UK was from a dynasty of the Kenyattas. He viciously campaigned for him before they were finally floored by Kibaki who was supported by Mr. Odinga to the core. That time, it was inconvenient for him to peddle this nebulous propaganda about dynasty but today he is busy feeding you with the dynasty talk. Reject the offer.


In 2007, William Ruto supported a product of dynasty in the name of Mr. Odinga. He didn’t care about the fact that Mr. Odinga was the son of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, the doyen of Kenya’s opposition politics. He even went ahead to organize mass murder, forceful eviction of people and the innocent souls lost in Kiambaa church will forever, in their graves, silently remember whoever orchestrated their unwarranted murder. The same man is currently urging you to come to his rescue and help him slaughter the dynasty bull that he diligently took part in feeding. Reject the offer.


We cannot forget that the master of politics of chicanery shelved his personal presidential ambitions in 2013 and again supported, viciously, a towering figure of the dynasty. He even went ahead to lie to his ethnic backyard that rain comes from heaven and not from trees all in the name of trying to ensure his chosen dynasty product rises to power. If he would have been a real hustler, Abduba Dida and Peter Kenneth would have been his choices but since he is busy fooling you while primitively acquiring wealth, you are here singing hoarse about some imaginary dynasty. Spare us the crap.


Just a year ago, the high priest of corruption and merchant of impunity became drained and dehydrated while campaigning, for the third time, for a dynasty product. He ran from North to South, East to West, Central to Western and Rift Valley to North Eastern looking for votes for UK. He made reckless utterances, heaped praises on UK as a God sent president who came to unite and make Kenya prosper and hurled torrents of childish epithets while defending a dynasty. Ekuru Aukot, Wainaina, Kaluyu et cetera were on the ballot but the Sugoi fellow ate dynasty, drank dynasty and slept dynasty. He has now woken up from his slumber to remind us how the above dynasty is now catastrophic.

Please, change this calibre of politics and come up with another brand of politics, that which we will again violently tackle. Kwa sasa wakora wa Annex, hii kitu ni Viusasa mtaonea pale Bomas.

Manaseh Nyainda