Senator Wako with NASA Leader Raila Odinga at a past
Senator Wako with NASA Leader Raila Odinga at a past function

Statement by Senator Amos Wako on a Roadmap on Raila-Uhuru Dialogue for  a better Kenya

I congratulate and support H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and HE. Raila Odinga for at long last coming together and initiating a dialogue which was long overdue. Better late than never. The joint statement of the two leaders has given a glimmer of hope Kenyans who could not see the way forward.

When I read the statement, one can discern the two leaders’ genuine desire for leaving a legacy of a united Kenya. They recognize that negative ethnicity which has become entrenched is a threat to the peaceful survival of Kenya as a united and vibrant nation. They have agreed to confront and resolve this issue as a divided nation cannot stand.

The statement is broad enough to cater for a dialogue on all the issues confronting Kenya including NASA’s 4 main issues of dialogue-electoral justice, strengthening of devolution, security and good governance. An enabling environment of peace and stability will be created in which Jubilee Government 4 pillars- food security, affordable housing, manufacturing, universal health care can be realised.

In rolling out a programme that will implement the shared objectives I hope the following 5 points will be taken into account.

1. THAT the national dialogue will be inclusive, consultative and participatory to the two leaders make real the “partnership of Kenyans” which seek.

2. THAT where appropriate, the various organs of government e.g. the parliament and other key stakeholders such as political parties, religious leaders and civil society are involved.

3. THAT _where Constitutional amendments and Legislations are required to be enacted, the aim should be to complete the process by the end of 2019 or at the latest mid 2020 well before the start of the electioneering for the elections of 2022.

4. THAT during this period upto mid 2020 let only on discussing the issues identified and us for once focus resolving them in the best interest of Kenya. Electioneering or politicking or campaigning for elective office should be suspended. Let us all put Kenya first.

5. THAT discussions should be conducted in a manner that enhances democracy. Tolerance, restraint and respect should characterize our discourse.

Finally, the co-principals in NASA may feel aggrieved but I would kindly request them to give the benefit of doubt to the 2 leaders and look at the bigger picture which is that an opportunity is being created in which national issues of concern to them and the nation at large can now be effectively addressed.

Senator. Amos Wako

Senator Busia County

Attorney General Emeritus

12th March 2018