Sonko Goes NASTY on Lawyer AhmedNasir, Brands him a CONMAN who should be

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has decided to go nasty on Lawyer AhmedNasir after provocation on the leadership of Nairobi.

This is after the lawyer advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve Nairobi county because of a leadership tragedy under incompetent Sonko.

But in a rejoinder, Governor Sonko has told Ahmednasir to stop his act of intimidating judges to rule in his favour.

Sonko went on to reveal that he defeated AhmedNasir in high court and court of appeal in the temple point resort case.

Sonko concluded by telling AhmedNasir that he was good for nothing , useless ( Bure kabisa).


This marks the second day of a nasty battled between the lawyer and Sonko after exposing Sonko in a meeting with the goons who attacked Nairobi CBD Association chairman Timothy Muriuki. The goons are being sort after by Police who have been requesting the public to help in tracing them after going into hiding.

AhmedNasir has hit back at Sonko reminding him that he served 8 months of the 5 years jail term before escaping from prison through a rathole.

That Sonko has no moral authority to call anyone a conman insinuating that he is the father of Conmen.

It’s not clear what the genesis of the beef between the controversial lawyer and Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.