South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro (second from right} with Deputy President William Ruto

South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro on Thursday shouted at shocked journalists that it was within MPs’ right to get their share of the sugar money that was flying in Parliament.

The youthful millionaire, not known to be concerned with peanuts, surprised the journalists and some MPs at Parliament building when he loudly claimed that there was no problem with the MPs getting the money that was being distributed allegedly to shoot down the sugar report.

“What is wrong with us getting our share? I am going,” the MP retorted when asked by journalists if he was going for the ‘facilitation’ fee.

For the passed few days, there has been outrage and traded accusations that MPs had been paid to shoot down a report on imported sugar that cost Kenyans Sh10 billion in lost taxes and which exposed consumers to health hazards.

Bribery claims rocked Parliament as MPs ganged up to trash a committee report on sugar that had implicated Cabinet secretaries Henry Rotich [Treasury] and Adan Mohamed [EAC].

Debate was punctuated by protests and claims of bribery from across the divide as MPs closed ranks to jettison recommendations against Rotich, Adan and former Agriculture CS Willy Bett.

In the most ignoble scene yet, lawmakers were seen openly scrambling for between Sh5,000 to Sh30,000 allegedly dished out to shoot down the report.