NASA Mps addressing press in Parliament on the planned swearing
NASA Mps addressing press in Parliament on the planned swearing in

NASA Mps in support of Raila Odinga’s Swearing in have released a statement at Parliament on why Electoral Justice is non negotiable.


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,

Gathered before you here today are the Members of the National Assembly and the Senate drawn from various political parties and indeed, various parts of the country. We are brought here today by a common belief in the indispensable need for electoral justice for the people of Kenya. We are bound by a solemn belief in the sanctity of the vote and respect for the democratic will of the People. And we stand here before you to say enough is enough. Enough with “accept and move on.” Enough with Jubilee’s electoral theft. Enough with the diplomats and their dialogue. Kenyans want nothing short of electoral justice!

The Presidential Election circus of 2017 is the third indeterminate electoral process in the last two decades to choose a national leader for the country. It is indeed sad for Kenya that the only truly free and fair Presidential election that the nation has seen since the beginning of the multiparty era is that of 2002. Many of those who voted in 2017 were not even eligible to vote in the last credible Presidential election held in Kenya!

Kenyans are tired of this vicious cycle of electoral fraud perpetuated by unpopular tyrants to force their will on the People. It is time to call their bluff; it is time to bring down the walls of Jericho!

Jubilee lost the election of August 8th. Later, Jubilee, with no opponent, could still not muster a decent show in the subsequent exercise carried out on October 26th. In both events, Jubilee conspired with elements within the IEBC to steal and subvert the sovereign will of Kenyans. And since then, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto would love nothing more than to continue living in their fantasy world assuming that given time, Kenyans will forget their fraud.

We are here to state in no uncertain terms, that we will neither forget, nor will we tire in our efforts until the Usurpers are driven from power.

It is in this spirit, that we as elected leaders representing the People have resolved to come together to further demonstrate that we do not recognize Uhuru Kenyatta as President.
As a matter of fact, we recognize His Excellency, the Rt Hon Raila Odinga as the bonafide President of the Republic of Kenya with His Excellency, Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka as his Deputy.

To this effect, each one of us has signed a legal instrument binding us to this resolution. We remain on course in our journey to have the truly elected leaders of our Republic sworn in.
In closing, we would like to issue a stern political warning to those who would seek to abandon this quest for electoral justice. Kenyans are watching.

The people are watching! If you want to negotiate with the thieves, do so in your individual capacity, do not pretend to speak for the rest of us. We urge wananchi to ask your elected leader whether they have signed this instrument and if they have not, we leave it to the Wisdom of wananchi to deal with them politically.

Signed and dated,
January 17, 2018.