Stop Threatening Uhuru over going after his People if yours are Touched regarding CORRUPTION, Wambugu to Ruto's

Implementation of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four agenda will go despite attempts of sabotage by some quotas with in the Jubilee.

It’s important for EVERYONE to know that EVERYONE knows what’s going on.

So, three things;

1. The attempts to hound the two Cabinet Secretaries who are fully in charge of the two most critical ‘Big Four’ agenda implementing ministries out of office will not succeed. The Big Four will not be sabotaged – by anyone, for anything.

2. This whispers that Kiunjuri and Sicily Kariuki should step aside and take ‘Political Responsibility’ are moot. Next you will be suggesting Uhuru should step aside – because he actually holds ultimate political responsibility! Hiyo hapana. Corruption is a solo game. You will be investigated – and charged – on your own merit, and for what you are suspected to have done. Period.

3. Finally, lets be clear. Attempts to try and threaten the President that you can go after ‘his people’ if yours are touched by corruption investigations are what are called ‘vitisho baridi’. Will not work.

By Nyeri Mp Ngunjiri Wambugu