Suicidal William Ruto Trying to Blackmail Kenyans,President Uhuru and Raila into Blindly Supporting his 2022 Presidential
Deputy President William Ruto


Deputy President William Ruto’s latest outburst demonizing the HANDSHAKE between President Uhuru Kenyatta and His Excellency the People’s President Raila Amollo Odinga as a dirty scheme by Mr Odinga to infiltrate and destroy Jubilee party should not go unchallenged.
The wild tantrum which is currently trending and dominating national political discourse, powerfully indicts the DP as a selfish, reckless, divisive and unpatriotic member of the Presidency whom all efforts should be deployed to tame for the sake of the country’s safety and future.
Any leader opposed to and actively campaigning against national unity and initiatives towards promoting peaceful co-existence amongst Kenyans is an enemy of the people who must be singled out for rebuke. He should not be allowed to sabotage the population at will!
The HANDSHAKE and the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) instituted in early March by the two Principals, of Jubilee and the opposition (NASA coalition), perfectly fits the bill of a major initiative to promote and preserve national Unity and stabilize the country as clearly required of the President by the constitution.

It is therefore evil and preposterous for the President’s deputy to oppose and seek to destroy such a noble initiative. It is actually a bizarre form of rebellion.
The HANDSHAKE has also been acknowledged as the ideal anti-dote for harnessing political and ethnic rapprochement and harmony in the country which were hitherto delicate and threatening to cause a massive national implosion.
Kenyans know very well and acknowledge that the HANDSHAKE rapidly and effectively rescued the country from a then frightening descent into a socio-political and economic meltdown following the highly controversial and divisive 2017 general elections that had badly divided the country along ethnic lines.
The bitter 2017 election fallout threatened to unleash a repeat of the regrettable, painful and shameful chaos and bloodletting witnessed in the infamous Post-Election Violence (PEV) of 2007-2008) which almost destroyed the country forever.
By Mr Ruto openly fighting the initiative, he has confirmed Kenyans’ worst fears that he is the later day ring-leader and coordinator of evil forces within the country’s politics who thrive on chaos and socio-ethnic strife for selfish manipulation and exploitation of the politics and the economy which have continuously undermined national peace and prosperity.
It is no wonder many Kenyans continue to castigate the Deputy President as the poster boy of primitive accumulation of ill-gotten wealth for use to propagate rogue politics. The wealth is alleged to be from misappropriated and stolen public resources.
These illicit maneuvers have made him a filthy billionaire and political Mr Money bags, now famous for criss-crossing the country pouring millions of shillings on pseudo charity activities to buy support for his over ambitious mission to become President in 2022.
Social and ethnic divisions, as Kenyans know them today, are responsible for our country’s disturbing delay to take off politically and economically to assume its rightful place as a middle income economy or newly industrialized nation as achieved by her peers like the Asian Tigers among others.
The choice of very harsh and poisonous words by the Deputy President including dismissing Mr Odinga’s statesmanship decision to work with President Uhuru Kenyatta is both the height of political bad manners and crude insubordination of his boss, the President.
In any formal establishment insubordination is categorized as gross misconduct. In regimented institutions like security formations (e.g.militaries) culprits are even summarily dismissed and or prosecuted forthwith. Hence, the DP qualifies for immediate appropriate harsh sanctions. He is the rotten egg in national leadership which if allowed to stay longer will infect the rest and cause the rot to spread and destroy all.

It is the President who, after sound advice, decided to enter into talks with H.E Raila Odinga that led to the HANDSHAKE. Therefore for Mr Ruto to call it “Conmanship” he was crudely branding both Mr Kenyatta and Mr Odinga as conmen. What an insult!

Mr Ruto should be called out and told in no uncertain terms that Kenyans will not help him to commit political suicide if he so wishes. He should be bold enough to quit Jubilee if he wants but not to drag the country nor the government along. We refuse politics of hatred and division Mr Diputy President.

By Micah Kigen