Uhuru Kenyatta killed Matiba's Dreams of Democracy,He Embraces Moi's Dictatorship-Kenyalivenews.com

Am pregnant with opinions after I read from news dailies that Uhuru said Matiba was his mentor and role model.

My bro Uhuru Kenyatta, with all due respect withdraw that statement as you have thrived by killing all the achievements and dreams of Matiba.

1. Matiba never taught us to steal elections.

2.Matiba never taught us to protect corruption.

3. Matiba never taught us to disobey court orders or insult judges.

4. Matiba never taught us to hold independent institutions like Parliament or Electoral bodies siege.

5. Matiba never taught us ethnic profiling of communities.

6. Matiba never taught us to deport citizens or require them to apply for visas.

7. Matiba never taught us to gang media or assault journalists.

8.Matiba never taught us to silence whistle blowers and the civil society.

9. Matiba never taught us to detain people without trial or drag them into planes.

10. Matiba never taught us to threaten Chiefs or force them to campaign for us.

Truth be told Matiba as the father of democracy fought for;freedom of media,rights of arrested people,independence of courts, electoral justice, corruption free zoning, inclusiveness, multipartism, low cost of living etc.

Uhuru  Kenyatta,You are a student of Moi not Matiba.

By Hon. Musoma