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Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta flanked by opposition leader Raila Odinga of the National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition address a news conference after meeting at the Harambee house office in Nairobi, Kenya March 9, 2018. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

President Uhuru is set to make a major announcement that will shake the political divide in the country, he is fine tuning his speech to delivered on 2nd May 2018 to National Assembly dubbed ”The State Of The Nation Address”.

The president will in detail reveal the Friday 9th March Handshake deal with supreme leader Raila Odinga. a reliable source within statehouse intimate thatthe speech will touch the nerve centre of the country’s governance structure and will give a signal that the country is set for a referendum by 2020.

It is also rumoured that the president will announce the position of Raila Odinga in government or the role he will play moving forward.

The constitution as it now gives the president sweeping powers to appoint ministers (constituting a cabinet) and nothing prohibits him from naming any of the ministers a prime minister or chief minister as was proposed in the NASA pre-election agreement with Ford Kenya, ANC, Wiper and Isaac Ruto’s CCM.

Many are expecting the president to announce the unveiling of the 12 man committee to spearhead the unity pact and also announcing of Raila joining formally joining government either as ambassador at large or even prime minister with substantial powers.

Mount Kenya mafia are keen on building Uhuru legacy and therefore bringing Raila on board is a logic thing to do for there shall be nobody to unearth scandals in government, it will be praise and worship for Jubilee leader. Those opposed to the handshake point to the fact that the Odinga’s are user friendly just like Jaramogi declined to take over presidency in 1962 demanding for release of Jomo Kenyatta who later took over and turned against him and presided over the largest land heist in the continent.

In 2008, Raila agreed to join Kibaki as a prime minister despite the fact he had won and went on to help Kibaki build a legacy of an otherwise failed tribalist, to-date many remember Kibaki for infrastructure and free primary education all that were a blue print/brainchild of Raila and his LDP brigade, its Raila’s wing of the government that implemented the projects. On the hand Raila is best remembered as a perennial loser and a 1982 coup plotter despite his super efforts in liberating Kenya and the massive infrastructure development during the Kibaki regime.

Those close to Raila have urged the former premier to let Uhuru take the lead of the Handshake and rollout events from Mt Kenya, to rift valley then to the rest of the county to allow Nyanza and other ODM/NASA stronghold heal from police brutality. They also argue that its Uhuru to de-brainwash his mt Kenya base where he used Cambridge Analytica to spread hate and fearmongering against Raila. He reffered to Raila as Mugoroki and Kimondo during campaigns and thus Uhuru should take Raila to Central Kenya and tell his people that Jakom is NOT Mugoroki.

The move to appoint Raila to government seems to work against DP Ruto but those who have been politics for long say there are very high chance that Raila and Ruto will be on one side come 2022, both will have delivered whatever they promised Uhuru and will be free to trade with whoever they want and for wherever interest that shall appeal to them.

By Sam Mwangi