Deputy President William Ruto has reportedly diverted the waters of a neighboring river into his man made lake at the Sh2billion expansive home that is still under construction in Iten. The waters are expected to maintain the lake to a fresh status.
Google map view of William Ruto home in Iten.

The image taken from the google maps shared by a seemingly astonished resident shows how the river is being diverted into Ruto’s new home. For a long time no local has ever been courageous to question the actions by the Deputy president that was reported to have moved away the residents who used to live around the area he is building his new home. However, the locals seem to have finally started showing openly their dissatisfaction by the decision of the DP to not only move them away but also divert their livelihood river into his private home.

Below is a post done by Kipkorir Koech

“Make them poor and rule them forever that was Moi’s philosophy. Dep. President bought same idea. What’s R. Valley economy? We depend on agriculture. What he want is to make sure R.v farmers are poor to sway his 2022 political ambition to his favour. After Moi, Kibaki improved our economy; he never sidelined any province, by 2005 each town blossomed with new buildings within CBD. Moi and Biwott made sure no one became rich to out power them. My question is where are they today? Deputy president is a selfish self centered human being. If you think am lying visit his new home alleged worth 2 billion here in Uasin Gishu, he blocked a river to make his 3 acres of man made lake then allows overflow to the rest of millions of county occupants.

When the three legislatures made a point of him behind the agony of all farmers in Uasin Gishu he went further hires those seems like kalenjin spokesmen hand then few coins to bark defending him. The serious issues we us kalenjin are, we are blind to see the truth.

A good leader is who fight for all. I rest my case.”

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