VIDEO: Give Conditions to your Wife not Kenyans,Referendum will happen, Kamket to DP
Tiaty MP William Kamket

Tiaty MP William Kamket has fired at those opposed to referendum geared towards changing the 2010 constitution.

Kamket says that there is no harm in changing the constitution to cure the challenges facing Kenya warning those who were against the referendum but changed tune to stop giving Kenyans conditions.

” There is some people saying we want  to create positions for some leaders, what’s wrong with that, even we say that we create a Prime Minister and a Deputy, what’s wrong with that? ” Kamket said.

In what appeared as a direct attack on DP William Ruto led group, Kamket warned them giving conditions to do so to their spouses and not Kenyans.

” There are people giving conditions on the referendum, give your wife or husband  Conditions not Kenyans, that we should not create positions ” Kamket said.

Kamket went on to say the Constitution has not been working well for Kenyans that’s why there is a threat of bloodshed at every election year.

The first time KANU Member of Parliament who was the first to call for constitutional amendments also confirmed that KANU will team up with President Uhuru Kenyatta, NASA leader Raila Odinga, leaders from Coast Region, Western and all Kenyans  to ensure the amendments go through.