VIDEO:I borrow the Chopper I Use from Moses Kuria, I don't Own One - DP

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria came to the defense of Deputy President William Ruto yesterday at a function in Murang’a county over chopper ownership.

Kuria sort to clear the air after a principal claimed the chopper which had landed with Deputy President onboard belonged to Ruto.

The Principal here insinuated that the chopper belonging to the DP landed here. Let me make you understand that it belongs to me,” Kuria said.

Kuria sentiments were echoed by Ruto who told off his critics who have been claiming he owns a fleet of choppers.

Ruto thanked Moses Kuria for his generosity for  lending him a chopper to traverse the country to sell the Jubilee agenda and his 2022 presidential bid.

“My brother Kuria has just clarified that I borrow the chopper that I use from time to time. People have been on my case over the issue. The owner has been identified.Those who had questions have the answers. I thank Moses Kuria for being a gentleman and speaking the truth. Whatever he has said, let it be that way,” Ruto said.

There had been reports that Ruto had bought a luxurious  private airbus helicopter worth Ksj 1.5 Billion in readiness for his 2022 Presidential bid, a report which he dismisses as propaganda.