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Ford Kenya Party Leader Moses Wetangula’s daughter, Sheila Wetangula has once again become a topic of online discussion with her lavish living lifesylte.

Sheila Wetangula who is visiting her parents from Sweden for the Easter Holidays early today went to shop for her Mum at Kheita’s Highway supermarket,Kitale but had a shock how that little shopping came to Kshs 50,000 plus.

So I went to do a little shopping for my mum in my county. Shock on me it came to 50000 plus! So I’m wondering… How do common wananchi survive!” posed Sheila Wetangula.


Sheila Wetangula lives and works in Sweden. This is not the first time she takes to social media to show off her wealth…or rather her father’s wealth, or just maybe her sponsor’s wealth. Well, all put together its wealth, plus wealth, plus wealth. She ones posted bragging that her weaves or rather her human hair are so expensive that the ‘mindboggling’ price of one bundle is enough to buy you a toyota saloon car.


Most of her photos on facebook and instagram show off her lush life in Stockholm where she lives like a princess. Yes, she is eating life with a big spoon. She is that special royal daughter of a real billionaire King. Many Kenyans living in Stockholm know the 30-year-old spry miss as a master party animal. She slays like a lord,drink expensive wine, whiskies, dresses the latest fashions and drives “German machines” and above.

sheila wetangula

So really, when she walks to a “small kiosk” in her village in Kitale and spends a little Sh50,000 to do her Mum a little shopping, she is left with a shocker wondering how the common wanainchi survives. Over to the common mwananchi..