NASA Leader Raila Odinga Right, US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec
NASA Leader Raila Odinga Right, US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec Left

The same way the US hated Nelson Mandela; Patrice Lumumba; Sankara; and Gadafi, are the same reasons they hate Dr. Odinga.

These are individuals who believe African and Africans can use their resources and develop the capacity to sustain themselves and provide for their needs.

The Imperialist however insists that Africa must continue to live under debt as they exploit the resources of Africa.

The American Ambassador in kenya is a business man and not a diplomat. He is only fighting for his interest and not that of the Kenyan people.

And for supporting Jubilee, they are benefiting immensely:

1. the Kshs 320 millions per kilometer Nairobi- Mombasa dual carriage way deal (I don’t know the need for this upgrade after spending Kshs 650 Billions on SGR )

2. Exclusive rights to Turkana oil

3. Kshs 300 billions Eurobond Loan ( 30 Kenyans left Nairobi to the US to secure the Loan)

That is why the American Ambassador will condemn a governor when locals burn lorries engaged in illegal charcoal burning but keeps quite when a 7 year old boy is killed by a bullet when on their family house balcony, on orders from Jubilee.

The burden of the Uhuru- Godec affair is a heavy one that if Kenyans allow this relationship to grow, Kenyans will only have themselves to blame.

Africans must be encouraged to prudently use their resources to uplift the lives of its people, and not urged on to take extra loans from the West for its leaders to loot back home and transfer them to offshore accounts in Zurich and other places.

That is why I have supported African leaders like Dr. Odinga, Gadafi, Lumumba who would like to see Africa take care of its people and not begging for aids.

By Anwar Saddat